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Bri Williams

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Stepping up for Indigenous Communities



Like many Australians, I have used a busy life to protect me from contemplating the realities faced by people in our indigenous communities.  Too many live below third world standards with lower life expectancy (for males, 67 vs non-indigenous 78, and females 73 vs 83), lower socio-economic outcomes and significant health issues.


 But now I have the opportunity to do something, and I'd like your help.  


Not-for-profit Indigenous Community Volunteers have invited 14 people on a fundraising trek of the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia in July 2012, and I am pleased to be taking part.  The trekking part is easy - Larapinta is ranked one of the 20 most beautiful walks in the world.


The part I need your help with is raising at least $3,000 for Indigenous Community Volunteers so they can continue to work with Indigenous Australian individuals, families and communities to improve wellbeing and support a sustainable future.  The difference ICV offer is that they are invited by the communities to help get projects up and running instead of telling them what should be done.  I will be visiting one of ICV's projects as part of the trek to see the results first hand.


The fundraising target has been set because it costs;

- Around $5,200 for ICV staff, volunteers and communities to complete a project

- $355 for each ICV volunteer to attend a cultural awareness workshop before they can work in an indigenous community and

- $180 to hold a community event to bring ICV and the community together to understand what needs to be done


With each of the trekkers raising at least $3,000 that's $42,000 for ICV to make a substantial difference.  I will be personally funding the travel component of $2,400 and documenting my trip for those who have supported me. 


So are you able to help?


Contributions of any amount are welcome, and donations over $2 are tax deductible.  You will receive a confirmation email of your support.   If it helps, think of

  • Workday lunches for a week = $50
  • Night at the movies for two = $60
  • Dinner for two = $120
  • 1 night's accommodation in the city = $220


Note, if you represent a business you may be interested in having me present an in-house seminar on how Behavioural Economics can help your business, with all proceeds being donated to ICV. More info is available on my People Patterns business webpage.


Thank you, and I am glad we can make a small difference to the lives of Australians in indigenous communities.



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Community First Development is a registered charity and non-profit organisation working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to improve quality of life, wellbeing and social inclusion. Our vision is for an Australia where all Australians live in harmony and where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people share the same rights, respect and access to opportunities and rewards, and where their culture is valued and recognised as an asset to Australian society. Community First Development is invited by communities to help them overcome disadvantage. Our role is to support communities with skills and resources not normally available to them. We do this with the enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers from all walks of life, from child care to construction, medicine to manufacturing, and gardening to grant-writing.

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